Google AdSense : Introduction, Benefits & Drawbacks

If You’re thinking about “Making Money Online with Your Blog” then AdSense becomes Your First choice. In this planet millions of Bloggers using Adsense Today. This strength is growing day by day. Recommended way of making money online by ads, this is the Best Way.

In this post we will give you a introduction to Google Adsense & explain it’s benefits.

Introduction to AdSense

Google AdSense Introduction Benefits

Google AdSense is probably the most popular advertisement service on the web. By including a specific javascript code in your web site, it allows you to generate revenue though different advertisements related to your web site content. The amount of generated income is based on the type of advertisements and the number of clicks on them.

Your income is generated both from clicks on ads and from impressions (number of times the advertisement is shown on your web site).

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Besides the clicks and the impressions, you can earn money by including a Google search box in your web site code. If your web site visitors use it you will get a percent of the profit relevant to their search terms. AdSense for Feeds and AdSense for Domains are also available . The first one places ads in the feeds managed by Google for your web site. The second one allows advertisements to be included for domains that do not  open a web site with content.

Benefits of Google AdSense

We all know Google, it is heart of internet. Once it was shutdown for 2-3 minutes and 40% web traffic gone down.

  • It is a program of Google, so everybody trust it.
  • It is pay-per-click program i.e. when a person coming to your site click on AdSense ads, you get paid.
  • It display contextual ads i.e. it detect the keywords around and then displays the ads accordingly. For example, if you are writing a post on SEO, 90% ads would be related to SEO.
  • Another way AdSense shows ads is by using the cookie method. Based on user search history, they display targeted ads which convert better.
  • Google AdSense itself want you earn more with its programs, they show targeted ads so that you get more clicks, they provide certain tutorials to make you earn more.

Drawbacks of Google AdSense

AdSense only supports the languages as shown in the  below picture. If your site does not have a primary language as any  of the one listed here then AdSense is not for you.

Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Croatian Czech
Danish Dutch English Estonian * Finnish French
German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Indonesian Italian
Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Polish Norwegian
Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian *
Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese

* Only Ad serving is supported in this language, AdSense product support and help center are not available in this language.

  • Length of Site Ownership

As everyone knows Google has a list of AdSense Policies for the publishers to follow. Besides there is a length of site ownership criteria for getting AdSense approval for certain countries.

Publishers from certain locations like India and China should own their site for the minimum period of 6 months before applying for AdSense. Google says this step is taken to guarantee the quality of advertising network and protect the interests of advertisers and existing publishers.

Hence it is worth to wait for 6 months and then apply for AdSense in order to avoid rejection.

  • Prohibited from using Social Sites and Free Traffic Exchanges

Google does not like the publishers to get traffic to their sites from social sites like Facebook and using free traffic exchange programs is strictly not allowed. If you prefer high social traffic then AdSense is not an option for you or at least you should not display your AdSense ads in the landing pages from social networks.

  • Verification and Payments

For most of the countries still Google follows traditional post card verification of your physical address. You need to enter the pin number received from Google in order to get payment when your account reaching threshold. This is a big problem for the publishers those do not have a permanent address or frequently travelling to other countries.

  • Life time Ban

You will be banned for life time if Google detects any invalid clicks generated from your publisher id. There is a lot of possibilities that someone clicks on your ads frequently or a bot generates ad impression without your knowledge and Google will ban your AdSense account for life time.

  • Payee Name and Country

Payee name and the Country can’t be changed once your application is approved by Google. If you are not located at one place with stable address then there is no way you can receive your payment in different country than the one you mentioned in your AdSense account.

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