7 Best ways to improve SEO ranking of Your Blog

I am sharing the best ways to improve SEO ranking of Your Blog. A blogger needs to know at least the basics of SEO. For that, you don’t need to be an SEO expert but You should know the minimum so that your posts are well indexed in the search engines.
improve SEO ranking

7 Ways to improve SEO ranking of Your WordPress Blog

1. Assign a Focus Keyword

When you write a post, it is recommended to choose the right SEO Focus keyword for your text. Your purpose is to make this keyword – or term – to be searched on Google, and then get your post among the top. For this, you need to use this keyword a few times in the text.

For example, here the keyword could be SEO, but this term is quite common and this could hardly get in the top for this search. Then, I’ll work with a long keyword, so that this post will rank for the term.

2. Post Title with Focus Keyword

Your Post Title shoud contain the Focus Keyword. This is very important, and it will help you to get a better SEO rank. If You search for the Focus Keyword then it shows your Post on Top of search results if it’s title contain the searched keyword or Focus Keyword. So this is most important.

3. Define a Meta Description

Defining a meta description of your post will help to improve your SEO ranking. Meta Description will also attract the people who searched for Focus Keyword. Meta Keyword will hide the first paragraph text from the search engines.

4. Adding Links

If you add links to your post, this will help to improve your SEO ranking. You can add any link to your post text, this will help search bots to index your new blog posts Fastly.

5. Adding Images

Add Images to your Post, this can improve your SEO ranking. If your post contains images, also helps your readers to understand your article fast. Another benefit of images is, this can rate your Readability to Good.

6. Slug of the Post

The slug of Your Blog Post should contain the Focus Keyword. This can improve your SEO ranking. Other Benefits, Help SearchBots to index your Website and Post soon.

7. Short Slug

The slug of your blog post should be of medium size,not short or long. The slug should be of maximum 10 words. Remember, Slug doesn’t contains any stop word.

Note : Stop Words are the words, which are used in daily life. Like is, are, am, to, etc.

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